Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deeper Coverage for the True Greeners.

I thought, in order to give my audience members more of an insight into what it really felt like to be among tulips and the people who love them, I would give you extensive photo coverage of the festival. Perhaps, for those of you unfortunate enough to have missed it, these images can be combined with the episode itself in order for you to create false memories of being there on which you can reminisce when you find yourself trapped in a mental cage of unfertile ground. Anyways! We should propel ourselves forward, as I am known for saying.

I was glad to see the creation of larger tulips for those with lesser vision; so they might get an understanding of the finer details of the flower. It is unfortunate that they felt the need to colour them inaccurately, after all, it takes much pretention to believe you can one-up our dear mother artistically.

It was wonderful to gain the opportunity to hide among the flowers in the manner of my smaller brethren.

Tulips... covered in tulips! It doesn't change my stance as a nature-purist, but I do feel I must give this one some credit for having some really fascinating philosophical implications.

Ah, the Netherlands. I appreciate what they've done to educate the masses - I know I certainly have learned to appreciate tulips more as a result of their work. But here it seems they are taking credit for nature's accomplishments. This is sketchy territory, Netherlands.

While I'm a little confused by its placement on land, I appreciate that they have warnings about the dangers of boating. Perhaps something that will drive the youth towards more wholesome, land-based activities, such as plant-growth? One can only hope.

I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to hold tulips in the manner they were intended.

And equally pleased by the surprise appearance of my dear friend, Ted Irwin! Glad to see someone so known for his ties with urban progress still finds time in his schedule for an event such as this. Good on you, Ted, good on you.

Ah yes, who doesn't enjoy a literary snack now and again?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this lithographic version of Greenfingers. All in all it was a very jolly day for myself, I learned a lot about what you can do with icing and buns.

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