Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden Consequences

I regret to inform you that there was short-sightedness in my seeing to the Petunias' desire for companionship last week. Whilst their spirits were lifted, it has come to my attention that I neglected to think about the consequences of giving them special treatment, and it seems that I've upset the rest of the garden. Just this morning, I could've sworn one of my tulips drooped in response to my presence - clearly a cry for attention, from a being that sadly lacked means for proper expression. I must devote myself to the garden for the next few days, using my banjo to gently caress each leaf - as well as the very soil itself - with sultry noises. I have Elisha to thank for reminding me of the important role passionate musical production can play in the relationship between a man and his garden.

But fear not, fellow Greenfingered individuals; a new episode will be posted on Tuesday.

Until then,

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